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QIB’s Gamal: “Banks have crucial role to play in economic recovery”
Date: Apr 23, 2020   |   Author: Bassel Gamal | Opinion
In this part of CEO Perspectives, Bassel Gamal, Group CEO of Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) discusses the bank’s steps to address COVID-19, the role banks will play in the economy’s recovery and the changes the pandemic will bring for the banking sector.
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CTBC’s Li: “Changes are imminent across industries after the pandemic”
Date: Apr 21, 2020   |   Author: Morris Li | Opinion
CTBC Bank chairman Morris Li shares his insights on monetary and fiscal responses to the pandemic, how the bank is addressing the crisis and what may come next for industries at large
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Impact Institute’s Ruiz: Real value of firms not reflected in the books
Date: Apr 16, 2020   |   Author: Chris Georgiou | Interview
Amid the pandemic-inflicted downturn, the real value of firms is under the spotlight. Adrian de Groot Ruiz, executive director of Impact Institute, explains how to find the real value of a firm when 50-80% of firms’ market value is not reflected in the books.
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Maybank's Farid: "Rigorous planning required to be fully ready for pandemic"
Date: Mar 28, 2020   |   Author: Abdul Farid Alias | Opinion
In this, the first in the series of CEO Perspectives on the impact of and response to COVID-19, Maybank CEO and Group President Abdul Farid Alias accentuates the need for rigorous planning in times of crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes it will bring to the business landscape.
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Fed pulls out all stops to prime faltering economy and lifts global markets
Date: Mar 25, 2020   |   Author: Justin Tamang | News Analysis
In a major show of force and leadership, the Federal Reserve announced sweeping measures to provide support for the flow of credit to American families and businesses. While the Dow initially showed a lacklustre response, the comprehensive package lifted major global markets.