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18 July 2024

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Chris Holmes on future of inclusive finance and technology

Tue, 07 May 2024 10:35:00 +0000
Ahead of his keynote at The Asian Banker Summit in Hong Kong on 23 May 2024, Chris Holmes, or Lord Holmes of the UK House of Lords, discussed his expansive legislative agenda and vision for the future of finance.

Improved cross-border payment systems support growth in Middle East

Mon, 06 May 2024 13:43:00 +0000
Member countries of the Arab Monetary Fund are enhancing global cross-border transactions through streamlined payments, improved compliance, and increased financial inclusion.

KAF powers up digital finance

Mon, 06 May 2024 10:20:00 +0000
Malaysia’s KAF Investment Bank builds its new digital platform to bring Islamic banking up to date for a new age.

Jack Ma makes his voice heard after five years

Thu, 02 May 2024 07:23:00 +0000
Ma found himself back under media scrutiny with a memo on Alibaba’s structural reform. Could this be an easing of tensions with Chinese regulators, and nod to a potential pivot to cloud computing and AI?

Bank boards fail to embrace technological imperative

Fri, 26 Apr 2024 12:45:00 +0000
The boards of many financial institutions lag in recognising technology’s critical role, risking resilience and competitiveness due to insufficient investment in future-proofing technology infrastructure.

DBP and LandBank merger scrapped

Fri, 26 Apr 2024 12:17:00 +0000
Opting against merging DBP and LandBank emphasises their distinct roles and the importance of individual development for comprehensive economic growth, benefiting all sectors.

PBoC’s new deputy governor determined to get risk management right

Fri, 26 Apr 2024 04:04:00 +0000
Tao Ling’s appointment at the Chinese central bank signifies a renewed focus on enhancing China’s financial stability and risk management strategies.

MAS launches digital platform to fight money laundering and terrorism financing

Tue, 23 Apr 2024 10:20:00 +0000
Singapore’s central bank has launched a platform that allows financial institutions to exchange customer information and flag suspicious activities leading to potential financial crimes

AEON Bank launches Malaysia’s first Shariah-compliant digital platform for underserved, tech-savvy customers

Mon, 22 Apr 2024 10:20:00 +0000
Raja Teh Maimunah, CEO of AEON Bank, provides insights into Malaysia's first Shariah-compliant digital bank, which is poised to transform banking. With an emphasis on Generation Z, Alpha consumers, and SMEs, AEON combines history and innovation to provide comprehensive financial services.

Is China’s economy on a solid upward trend?

Fri, 19 Apr 2024 04:36:00 +0000
China’s economy grew faster than expected at the start of the year but it remains to be seen if it signals a solid recovery trend as the crisis-hit property sector bears down on growth