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Rigorous planning required to be fully ready for COVID-19
Date: Apr 07, 2020   |   Author: Abdul Farid Alias | Opinion
In this, the first in the series of CEO Perspectives on the impact of and response to COVID-19, Maybank CEO and Group President Abdul Farid Alias accentuates the need for rigorous planning in times of crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes it will bring to the business landscape.
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Fed pulls out all stops to prime faltering economy and lifts global markets
Date: Mar 25, 2020   |   Author: Justin Tamang | News Analysis
In a major show of force and leadership, the Federal Reserve announced sweeping measures to provide support for the flow of credit to American families and businesses. While the Dow initially showed a lacklustre response, the comprehensive package lifted major global markets.
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Are governments’ and regulators’ drastic measures enough to fight COVID-19’s economic blow?
Date: Mar 19, 2020   |   Author: Janine Marie Crisanto | Research Note
As cases of COVID-19 accelerate outside of China, affected countries have enacted relief policies with an estimated worth of $3 trillion to cushion the downside impact of the pandemic.
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Restricted growth expected for Singapore banks as COVID-19 continues to spread globally
Date: Mar 16, 2020   |   Author: Janine Marie Crisanto | Research Note
The Singapore banking industry has persevered through challenges in 2019 such as global growth coming under pressure due to geopolitical and trade tensions, but the COVID-19 outbreak will be a greater test to the country’s financial sector stability.
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DN Capital’s Lemmens: “Investors are becoming more judicious about which opportunities to invest in”
Date: Mar 13, 2020   |   Author: Foo Boon Ping | Interview
Renier Lemmens, a venture partner at DN Capital, shares his views on fintechs and how these companies operate and make decisions differently from banks.