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Thursday, 29 February 2024
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Nominations are in for Global Retail Finance Leader of the Year 2024

TAB Global’s annual Retail Finance Leader of the Year award recognises outstanding contributions to sustainable banking and institutional transformation, and we invite our readers to offer their feedback on these nominations

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India’s hard whip on Paytm signals tough stance on compliance breaches

The Indian central bank’s disciplinary action and consequent threat to Paytm’s licence is a lesson for the industry that growth and innovation cannot be at the cost of compliance

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Noah Holdings: Chinese capital market demands strong investor education and…

In recent decades, China’s capital market has witnessed a dramatic transition, from a closed system to one that is inextricably linked to global finance. This transformation has increased investment opportunities for both domestic and international…

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Nominations are in for Digital Finance Leader of the Year 2024

TAB Global’s annual Digital Finance Leader of the Year award recognises one outstanding individual reshaping finance through innovation and inclusion

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US banks confront challenges in shifting commercial real estate dynamics

As commercial property prices decline due to a pandemic-induced decrease in office space demand, US banks are boosting provisions for credit losses, prompting concern from the IMF over an 11% property-value drop following Fed rate hikes…

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Standard Chartered Hong Kong enhances digital transformation in wealth management

With a focus on enhancing its digital platform for affluent clients, Standard Chartered Hong Kong has affirmed its position as a leader in the wealth management sector in key Asian markets, including GBA and Southeast Asia

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Evergrande liquidation forces ripple effect on China’s property sector

In late January, troubled real estate giant Evergrande was liquidated, unable to reach agreements with creditors over its staggering debts exceeding $300 billion, and casting a pall over China’s property sector

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SVB collapse sets off underwriting-risk alarm

Silicon Valley Bank’s 2023 collapse continues to raise concerns in the echo chambers of the banking sector over slack lending practices and underwriting oversight, prompting a reevaluation of risk management strategies around macroeconomic…