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Opinion Profile Photo
Hong Kong as an offshore RMB clearing hub
Date: Jan 13, 2016
Author: Christopher Balding
Hong Kong will maintain its strategic role in bridging China with the rest of the world, even if more RMB payments are settled elsewhere. With its preeminence in clearing, settlement, and product diversity, Hong Kong can lead in fintech and should capitalise on higher-value products, particularly those that manage risk.
Research Note Profile Photo
Strengthening RMB markets with sophisticated products
Date: Jan 13, 2016
Author: Sam Ahmed
Efforts to create access to onshore capital markets will prove fruitless without strong product offerings
Research Note Profile Photo
Towards free markets
Date: Jan 11, 2016
Author: Sam Ahmed
Knowing how to ensure safe, stable and well functioning markets is paramount to understanding where markets stand in terms of resilience
Research Note Profile Photo
“One Belt One Road” – China’s new growth strategy looks at westwards expansion
Date: Jan 07, 2016
Author: Sam Ahmed
China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative is a brilliant strategic move but its delivery holds many risks
News Analysis Profile Photo
China goes on damage control—yet again
Date: Jan 07, 2016
Author: Research
China welcomed the new year with yet another bloodbath that it has seen too much of in 2015. But unlike the August 2015 sell-off that was sparked by small jittery players, this time around, macroeconomic fundamentals are making the bears return, and global stock markets are left cowering.