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Commodities Exchanges

RankMulti-Asset ExchangesCountryTotal Annual Volume1Commodities Traded
1. NYSE Liffe London
United Kingdom 660,976,088
Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, Wheat
2. Intercontinential Exchange FuturesEurope United Kingdom 217,120,773 Carbon Credits, Coal, Crude Oil, Electricity, Gas, Gas Oil,
3. London Metal Exchange United Kingdom 120,258,119 Aluminium, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Plastics (LLDPE & PP), Molybdenum, Nickel, Steel, Tin, Zinc
4. NYSE Liffe Paris France 58,302,870 Barley, Corn, Rapeseed, Wheat
Middle East
RankMulti-Asset ExchangesCountryTotal Annual Volume1Commodities Traded
1. Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange
UAE 1,925,000
Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Gold, Silver, Steel
2. Dubai Mercantile Exchange UAE 744,727 Crude Oil

Source: The Asian Banker

¹An aggregate of the number of trades of all financial instruments for 2010

²Agricultural: Almond, Barley, Cardamon, Chana, Coriander, Corn, Guar Seed, Kapas, Kapasia Khalli, Melted Menthol Flakes, Mentha Oil, Palm Oil, Potatoes, Rubber, Soybeans, Soya Oil, Turmeric, Wheat
²Energy: Aviation Turbine Fuel, Brent Crude Oil, Electricity, Gasoline, Heating Oil, Imported Thermal Coal, Natural Gas
²Metals: Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Lead, Nickel, Platinum, Silver, Steel, Tin, Zinc

³Agricultural: Barley, Cashew, Castor Seed, Chana, Chili, Coffee, Cotton, Palm Oil, Mustard Oil, Groundnut, Guar, Gur, Rice, Jeera, Jute, Massor, Mulberry, Pepper, Potato, Rapeseed, Rubber, Soybean, Sugar, Turmeric, Kapas, Wheat, Yellow Peas
³Metals: Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Iron, Nickel, Silver, Steel, Zinc
³Plastics: PP, PTA, PVC

4Agricultural: Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar
4Energy: Crude Oil, Electricity, Fuel Oil, Gas, Uranium
4Metals: Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver


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